S Soleiman MD

While it's been in Canada and Europe since 2005, Voluma is one of the newest fillers on the market in the US.  It received its approval from the FDA on 10/22/2013, though it's passed its test of time as it's been used in over 60 countries. Voluma is different from the other HA fillers in that its Vycross cross-linking technology makes it give a more prominent lift and last up to two years (as opposed to the 6-12 months longevity of most other fillers). It's been FDA approved for use in cheeks, however it's commonly and successfully used in other areas of the face when applied properly.  As with all other HA fillers, it is instantly reversible by using an enzyme called hyaluronidase that dissolves the link between the molecules.

Juvederm Voluma XC